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Developing Team Players for Life

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Stealth is a fast pitch softball organization based in Sugar Land, TX and sanctioned by the Sugar Land Girls Softball Association. Our teams are generally comprised of players from the greater Houston area and Fort Bend County. Our mission is to develop all of our players into the best possible ball players they can be while keeping the game in proper perspective.

The Stealth motto "Sperare Excellentiam" is latin for Expect Excellence. This is a major part of our effort in teaching our players. All players who wear the purple should expect excellence out of themself, their team, their coaches and in every other area of their life.

We strive to teach the team concept while encouraging our players to grow individually. Although winning and losing are a huge part of the game, it's not our main focus. Our desire is to see our players develop their skill levels and have every opportunity to play college softball. Stealth Gold plays a full exposure schedule in the fall and various exposure tournaments in the summer like Fireworks, Gold Qualifiers, and invitational tournaments. So far, every senior that has played for Stealth Gold has received an offer to play college softball.

We exist to learn the meaning of teamwork, to improve our skills - both on the field and in the classroom - with character and hard work, and to open doors to future education and softball playing opportunities.

A History of Success

CO Sparkler Runners-Up

The Stealth Gold team was founded by and is coached by Freddy Hinojosa. Coach Freddy brings nine years of experience in the fast-pitch softball world after spending his life in baseball. He played his high school ball at Bellaire where he was an All-State catcher and his college ball at the University of Houston where he was a 2 time All-SWC performer and a pre-season All American. He has also been on 2 World Series Championship teams and a State Championship team at Bellaire. Coach Freddy takes all his experience and knowledge of the game and pours his heart into teaching his players about what it takes to be ready for the "next level".

College Recruiting is a big part of the Stealth Gold team's success. We have helped prepare 25+ young ladies for the college ranks. Every senior that has come through the team has gone on to play college softball, most with financial benefits or outright scholarships.

Giving Back is also a huge part of the Stealth way. We bring back former Stealth players from the college ranks to help with coaching each summer. It has been a win-win situation for 3 summers now. The Giving Back Program has allowed former players to gain valuable hands-on coaching experience and our younger players an opportunity to bond with college players.

The Stealth method of teaching is a simple 3 fold concept: Practice, Preparation and Play


Practice is where good habits are formed. We believe in working hard at every practice to sharpen our skills, increase our confidence and speed up the pace our game play. Practice is where fundamentals, game savvy, player development, and team plays are taught. We use various skills and drills that we have learned through our years of experience that are specifically catered for each player on the team.

Preparation is where the mental part of the game takes over. It's the time where players should reflect on everything learned in practice. It's also the time to get any extra work needed to perform at maximum potential. Preparation is what makes the game time experience all that it can be. Practicing at home, getting private lessons, and studying team plays are all important facets of the preparation phase. They not only get our young ladies ready for the game but for life.

Play is the part of the game everyone looks forward to. Our philosophy is to help our players focus on the game, inspire them to play hard, and allow them to have fun. From time to time there will be teaching moments during the Play facet (which are usually addressed on an individual basis) but for the most part we want our girls to compete.